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Dental clinic «Smile SV» is in the center of Senets city, 15 minutes of driving from Bratislava and an hour from Vienna. Location of our clinic is within available distance, parking places are provided for clients. Clinic is set up with the newest equipment and qualified personnel for providing a wide spectrum of tooth-service.

Dentistry “Smile SV” applies  only modern instruments and materials, assistance is provided by expert specialists who may confirm their qualification with all the necessary certificates.

The treatment is done under anesthesia, and because of this it is painless. Special comfort is created by comfortable armchairs. if a client’s desires, music can be on.

We provide our clients with 24-hour support and appointments on a preliminary basis even at non-working hours. 

In the clinic you can find dentists of different directions/fields, so it is possible to complete the entire complex treatment in one place.