Do you want to have healthy teeth and gums? Without dental hygiene, it is not achieved. In the “Smile SV clinic”, the specialist of dental hygiene will professionally clean your teeth and explain to you how correctly to  care about then.

Профессиональная гигиена полости рта

Professional hygiene of the mouth cavity is a complex of measures for the prevention and repair of the inflammatory diseases of the parodontium (calculous tissues) as well as the process of development of caries. During cleansing all the surfaces of the teeth with dental tools, dental deposit is deleted.  This is a mandatory measure before beginning any dental treatment, being that treatment of caries, or correction of the bite with the help of the brackets. Why it is necessary? Let us go into it.
For a dentist, cleaned teeth are more informative for inspection, detection of hidden enemalized demineralizations; healthy gum is informative for filling a tooth. It means that treatment will be carried out qualitatively, and a patient will receive a guaranteed positive result.

комплексная профессиональная гигиена полости рта цена в москве

For the doctor-orthopedic, no dental deposits and deep periodontal pockets are important for removing the blinds and conducting qualitative and guaranteed prosthetics.
Regular procedures of complex professional cleaning increases the term of service of all dental artistic restorations -fillings, ceramic inlays, vines and crowns.
No professional hygiene of the mouth cavity before surgical treatment contributes to bad regenerative process and failed result. Why? Because a large quantity of infection in tooth pockets may get into the place of carrying out manipulation.
After dental implantation, hygiene is very important. Conducting hygiene 1 time in 3 months, not only  provides positive impact on the bone around the implant, but also helps the implant survival rate.
If later, after the implant survival rate,  good care is demonstrated, the time between cleansings may be increased up to 6 months. Of course, this depends on the quality of the hygiene of the oral cavity and the construction of the crowns established on the implants.

Do you want to prevent peri-implantitis and  mukosit?
- inflammation around implants? Then follow the recommendations of the doctor-dentist on the hygiene of the mouth cavity and use the care tools suitable for you. In addition, good care for implants plays a key role in prolonging their service life.

контроль качества чистки в домашних условиях

Professional cleansing at the dentist’s  helps to protect solid tissue of teeth and paradontium while wearing orthodontic technique - brackets. Fixed orthodontic designs complicate the process of cleansing. Dental plaque quickly collects itself around brackets and orthodontic braces.
Therefore, without a hygiene, the effect will not be achieved.
To prevent the development of gingivitis and caries, a thorough systemic purification of the teeth from plaque and tooth stone is required, which is only possible under conditions of dental appointment. The selection of a method of removing a tooth plaque is a dentist’s decision. He should evaluate all disadvantages, indications and negative side effects for each method. Professional hygiene of the mouth cavity  by  urtrasound is often used for removing the teeth plaque.
Pigmented and soft tooth plaque is removed with the help of airstream at the high pressure and water  with addition of the calcium carbonate powder (air flow method). At the end, the polishing of all tooth surfaces with a special polishing paste is carried out.
Hereafter, it is sufficient to visit the hygienist for carrying out a preventive cleaning of  teeth one time in 3-6 months.